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A Baptism, or Christening, is the unique moment where a human being becomes part of the Christian faith.  Anyone can get baptised, at any time of their life but if you are bringing your baby it is also a way of thanking God for your wonderful gift of new life.  In Baptism, we have water poured over  us as we are washed clean of the things we all (sadly) do in life which go against God’s loving desires for the world, and  are ‘born again’ by God’s Holy Spirit.

Where do people get baptised?

People tend to get baptised in the church where they regularly worship or in the church of the parish in which they live. (A parish is a geographical area around a church).  If you’re not sure which parish you live, you can find out at

How do I arrange a Baptism?

If you are interested in being baptised or having your child baptised, then the best way to start is by coming along to a Sunday Service on a Sunday at 9.45 am.  This will give you a chance to experience our worship, and to meet the people who form our community of faith.  After the service you can speak to a Vicar or Church Warden, who will be able to take you through some preliminary details and give you a Baptism application form.

How do I choose godparents?

Godparents make promises on behalf of their godchild, to pray for them and encourage them to flourish in the Christian faith.  Because of these promises and responsibilities, a godparent must have been baptised and preferably be a practicing Christian themselves.

How can I find out more?

The Church of England’s website is dedicated to all things baptism-related, which should include plenty of information that you may find useful. If you are interested in knowing more, get in touch.