The Parish Church of St John the Evangelist - Mill s
Street, Derby

Breathing space

breathing space

Breathing Space is an initiative of Derby City Deanery that aims to support positive mental well-being in the City of Derby. It is open to everyone and focuses on the positive contributions that can be made to support the mental health of all of us and not just those who have a particular diagnosis

Five ways to wellbeing

There are five factors that contribute to mental well-being:

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Take notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Give

Wellbeing at St Johns

At St John’s we offer the use of our garden for office and shop workers in the parish to get away from their desks and have lunch in the garden – we have recently added garden furniture  and are already aware that people are using it. When this is not an option due to the weather then we will aim to have the church open, again for people to have lunch, perhaps some quiet time, and on occasion a speaker or musically entertainment.

We are also the home for Broomfield College’s Community Cafe  – where on certain days of the week you can get coffee and magnificent cakes – or even a light lunch made by the students.

As a church community we like to use our garden, and see it being used as ‘Green spaces’ are limited in this part of the parish.

We also like to offer a variety of services, worship, events and activities that suit both old and young, regular attenders or those just ‘passing through’ St John’s will always give you a warm welcome.